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Getting called quiet can be quite offensive. That’s judging without really knowing the person. I choose to not talk to people for many different reasons. Just because I don’t talk in a certain environment doesn’t mean that I don’t talk. I can be extremely outgoing at times, it depends on the people I’m around. Sometimes I don’t like speaking to people simply because I like observing. People who observe are actually really intelligent people. So yes I am quite when I want to be, and I am loud when I want to be. I watch people judge me and I just weed them out and know that I could never be friends with them because I don’t judge others. For all you know… That person you judge could be the most amazing person you could ever meet, but you’d never know that. I always look for the quiet people actually because I know they are in the same mind set as me, and guess what? They are pretty fucking amazing.